All Aboard!

© 2008 text: Frieda Wishinsky; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Maple Tree Press
83 pages, softcover 5" x 7 ½", hardcover 5 ½" x 8"
ages 6-10 first novel
color cover, b&w interior illustrations
English only
ISBN: softcover: 978-1-897349-39-7, hardcover: 978-1-897349-38-0

In this 9th book of the Canadian Flyer Adventures, Matt and Emily fly back to 1885 on their antique Canadian Flyer sled. They soon discover that the circumstances of the historic Last Spike to finish the cross-country Canadian Pacific Railway are less than glamorous. Confronted with mud, rockslides, and snowstorms in the dark and cold, they discover they don't have it so bad compared to the dangerous lives of the workers. Can they help their new friend Edward find his missing buddy? An exciting slice of Canadian history brought to life.

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