Les ogres du printemps

© 2012 text: Louis-Michelle Sauriol; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Bayard Canada Livres Inc.
40 pages, softcover 5;" x 7"
ages 6-10 first novel: Collection Cheval masqué au trot
color cover, b&w/green interior illustrations
French only
ISBN: 978-2-89579-433-2

Dania is just about to set off on a peaceful trek into the woods with her dog Camus, when her annoying know-it-all new neighbor catches up to her. Surely he will never stop talking and boasting. Vic tells tales of ogres in the woods, and points out evidence of their presence... and suddenly Camus starts barking wildly! What are these "ogres" and wait, is it possible that a know-it-all could save the day? Easy to read early novel with images on all pages.

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