Le Béret Vert

© 2009 text: Jean-François Somain; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Soulières Éditeur
86 pages, softcover 4¼" x 7"
ages 6+ chapter book
French only
ISBN: 978-2-89607-088-6

It's Quebec, in the 1970s. A strange new boy has just started at school. He stands out because of his strange outfit: ample white shirt, calf-length black pants, a red scarf around the waist, a hemp bookbag, and especially his green beret, which turn out to be part of the Basque national costume.
Didier is quiet, not very sociable, an average student, but his mere presence impresses his classmates. Can he read minds? Count faster than light? Heat objects by just holding them in his hands? And how about his way of making people behave better with just a mere look or silent disapproval? Once in a childhood there is someone whose presence stays with you long after they have left your life. This boy with the green beret is just such a person.

Cover: colored acrylic inks; Interior illustrations: india ink with ink washes

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