Le voyage en Chine

© 2015 text: Katia Canciani; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Bayard Canada Livres Inc.
48 pages, softcover 5" x 7"
ages 6-10 first novel: Collection Cheval masqué au galop
color cover, b&w interior illustrations
French only
ISBN: 978-2-89579-637-4

Florence, aka Fleur de Lotus, is rather obsessed with China. Together with her hedgehog Wèi-Wèi, she practices tai chi, decorates her room with chinese lanterns and scrolls, and her late mother's Chinese doll collection. She leaves out a drawing of a pagoda for her father, and is delighted to find he has spent all night constructing to her plans. Fleur de Lotus undertakes to raise money for her dream, a trip to China, homeland of her deceased mother. Will this enterprising young girl and her father make it all the way to the land of her maternal ancestors? Easy to read early novel with images on all pages.

Cover: digital inklines, colored acrylic inks
Interior illustrations: digital inklines with india ink washes

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