Le Dromadaire au nez rouge

© 2014 text: Katia Canciani; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Soulières Éditeur
88 pages, softcover 6" x 7"
ages 7+ chapter book, Collection Ma petite vache a mal au pattes
French only
ISBN: 978-2-89607-273-6

Katia and Annie have undertaken an incredible exploit: traversing the Sahara desert in Morocco in the famous women's Trophée Roses des Sables rally. But they are hardly underway when their SUV gets bogged down in sand. Taking a break from shoveling, Katia goes off to relax, and discovers another traveler mired in the dunes: noneother than Santa Claus!

Soon Katia, who has her pilot's licence, is helping get the sleigh back in the air, with the aid of a passing wild camel. Will Santa be able to find the Sahara sand-salesman in time to buy the sand needed to put children to sleep on Christmas Eve?

A tale of mutual aid about what children elsewhere in the world really want for Christmas, and how we can help Santa fulfil their dreams.

enlarged detail
Cover: digital inklines, colored acrylic inks
Interior illustrations: digital inklines with india ink washes

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