Justine et le Chien de Pavel

© 2003 text: Cécile Gagnon; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Soulières Éditeur
88 pages, softcover 4¼" x 7"
ages 6-9 Easy-to-read
Available in French and Serbian.

Since her neighbor Pavel has been taken away by the immigration department, his dog has become Justine's responsibility. Now that Pavel has escaped from the government agents, everyone is looking for him. Do Justine and Pavel's dog know where he is? A sensitive book addressing the difficulties of being a refugee of war. Easy to read with black and white illustrations on every page.
See also the other books in this series, Le chien de Pavel, Justine et Sofia, Justine au pays de Sofia, Justine et Sofia au pays des bleuets, and Les malheurs de Sofia by the same author.

Cover: colored acrylic inks; Interior illustrations: india ink with ink washes

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