La Sonate des chatouilles

© 2009, text: Geneviève Mativat; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Hurtubise HMH, Collection Caméléon vert
54 pages, softcover 5¼" x 7", color cover, b&w interior illustrations
ages 6-10
French only: Easy Reader chapterbook
ISBN: 978-2-89647-159-1

Kamikaze, one lucky cat indeed, now visits children in the hospital who might just need the friendship of a three-legged cat. Unfortunately his favorite room, with its warm window ledge over a heater, is now inhabited by a little girl who doesn't see much good about life anymore. Will Kamikaze succeed in winning her over? And what about that perfect little redhead girl who comes to the hospital several times a week with her Russian grandfather and her raucus little brothers in tow?

Cover: colored acrylic inks & pencil; interiors: india ink and ink washes

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