Lost in the Snow

© 2008 text: Frieda Wishinsky; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Maple Tree Press
83 pages, softcover 5" x 7 ½", hardcover 5 ½" x 8"
ages 6-10 first novel
color cover, b&w interior illustrations
English only
ISBN: softcover: 978-1-897349-41-0, hardcover: 978-1-897349-40-3

One of Emily's classmates declares she is a descendent of a King's daughter: une fille du roi, who came to New France in 1665. Emily and Matt fly back to Quebec's past to discover the true heritage of Les Filles du Roi, and come across a troubled new bride, and her disgruntled step-daughter, Marie in a humble habitant's cabin. The children are determined to help this newly reconstituted family mend its rifts, but when the snotty son and daughters of the Seigneur drive Marie to run away, they must race against a blinding snowstorm to save the day. The 10th in the acclaimed Canadian Flyer Adventures series.

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