Le Chaud Manteau de Leo

© 2006 text: Raymond Plante; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Les éditions Boréal, Collection Maboul, Book 3 in "Les Doguadous"
54 pages, softcover 5¼" x 7", color cover, b&w interior illustrations
ages 5-9
French only: Easy Reader chapterbook

It's the first real snowstorm of the season, and the Doguadous meet up clandestinely in the dog park as usual. It's a snowy blast for all of them, except for Leo, the boxer, who with his short coat and thin legs resembles an ice cube more than a canine. Will his doggy friends find him a warm enough winter coat before he freezes?
See also Un Canard entre les Canines, and Vedette de la Ronflette, in the same series.

enlarged detail
Cover: colored acrylic inks & pencil; interiors: india ink and ink washes

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