Marélie, les sanglots de l'oie bleue

© 2011 text: Linda Brousseau; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Éditions Pierre Tisseyre, Collection Papillon #170
ISBN : 978-2-89633-171-0
184 pages, softcover 4¼" x 7"
novel ages 9-12
French only

After searching for years, Marélie is finally reunited with her birth father. For over a year now she has been living in the seaside village homeland of her deceased mother with her beloved father, slowly getting to know him and sharing her difficult past experiences as a preteen "orphan" in the Quebec social services system. Like Marélie, her father is an impassioned musician, but his music takes him away from her for days or weeks at a time, playing in bars around the country. He always keeps in touch with her during his absences however, calling on her cellphone every day... until the last couple of days. Marélie is sick with worry... Volume 3 of 3.

See also the two previous books in this series, Marélie de la mer and Le vrai père de Marélie, by the same author.

Cover: digital link with colored acrylic ink washes; Interior illustrations: digital ink with ink washes and grease pencil

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