Je suis Thomas

© 2003 text: Sylvie Desrosiers illustrations: Leanne Franson
Les éditions de la courte échelle
64 pages, softcover 4 ¼" x 7", color cover, b&w interior illustrations
ages 5-9
French only

Thomas is full of large life questions: "who am i?" "where is my place in the world?" and especially, "why is my hair growing at breakneck speed?"... indeed his hair has grown 3 cm just since this morning. In this most farfetched of the Thomas series, Thomas tries to hide his strange hairgrowth from his mother while deflecting people's assumptions that with such tresses he must be a girl.
See also Le Concert de Thomas, Ma mère est une extraterrestre, L'audition de Thomas and Au revoir, Camille! from the same author.

Cover: colored acrylic inks/ india ink; Interior illustrations: india ink with ink washes

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Je suis Thomas