Princesses Don't Wear Jeans

To be released July 2015
© text:1991 re-edition 2015 Brenda Bellingham; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
96 pages, softcover 7.6"x5.2"
ages 6+
ISBN: 978-1-4431-3368-5

Jeff Brown just wants to fit in. His parents have given him a long long name, but he has shortened it to just the initials: JEFF. But one day a new girl arrives in his Grade 3 class and is seated beside him. Tilly sticks out like a sore thumb in so many ways: her dress, how she plays, and especially the stories she tells about her pet bears and white mice. She just doesn't fit in, but does she care? No, she does not. Not in the slightest. Jeff would love to be her friend, but does he dare to be associated with someone both so eccentric and so self-assured?

Interior illustrations: india ink washes over digital pencil

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