The Puppy Collection/ L'album des chiots

© 2013-2016, 2019 text: Susan Hughes; interior illustrations: Leanne Franson
Scholastic Canada Ltd.
96 pages, softcover 7.6"x5.25"
ages 6-9
ISBN: 978-1-4431-2409-6, 978-1-4431-2410-2, 978-1-4431-2411-9, 978-1-4431-3358-6, 978-1-4431-3360-9, 978-1-4431-3362-3, 978-1-4431-4650-0, 978-1-4431-4652-4, 978-1-4431-7025-3 (english)
978-1-4431-2429-4, 978-1-4431-2430-0, 978-1-4431-2431-7, 978-1-4431-3359-3, 978-1-4431-2411-9, 978-1-4431-3361-6, 978-1-4431-3363-0, 978-1-4431-4651-7, 978-1-4431-4653-1 (french)
English and French, First title also in Czech.

Kat is puppy crazy! So is her best friend Maya. And the most wonderful thing has happened! Her aunt has opened Tails Up! Grooming Salon right in her neighborhood! On the side, Aunt Jenn boards puppies, and often is short of helping hands. Join Kat and Maya, and their new friend Grace, after school as they take on all sorts of puppies, from a pudgy Bernese Mountain dog to an eager Golden Retriever, a shy Bichon Frisé to an adorable chocolate Lab! Cuteness and challenges abound!

Available only through the Scholastic School program. Make sure you order them on your school order form!

Currently available in English: Bailey's Visit, Riley Knows Best, Murphy Helps Out, Bijou Needs a Home, Piper's First Show, Cricket's Close Call, Houdini's Escape, Nutmeg All Alone, and Puppy Pals, collected books 1-4.
Currently available in French: Adorable Choco, Gentille Mirabelle, Incroyable Zorro, Bijou cherche une maison, Cajou en spectacle, Fripon le curieux, Houdini a disparu, Muscade s'ennuie

Interior illustrations: india ink washes over digital pencil

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