Justine et Sofia au pays des bleuets

© 2009 text: Cécile Gagnon; illustrations: Leanne Franson
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88 pages, softcover 4¼" x 7"
ages 6-9 Easy-to-read
French only

Justine's Serbian friend Sofia invited her to visit her grandparents in her native country last vacation. Now it is Justine's turn to introduce Sofia to the wonders of the Quebecois countryside. At her grandmother's on Lac St-Jean in the Saguenay region, they kayak, gorge on blueberries, encounter bears and roast marshmallows to their hearts' content. Join them on their summer break.

See also the other five books in this series, Le chien de Pavel, Justine et le chien de Pavel, Justine et Sofia, Justine au pays de Sofia, and Les malheurs de Sofia by the same author.

full spread

full spread
Cover: colored acrylic inks; Interior illustrations: india ink with ink washes

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