Thumb and the Bad Guys

To be released Spring 2009
© 2009 text: Ken Roberts; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Groundwood Books, Douglas & McIntyre
96 pages, hardcover, softcover 5" x 7 ½", color cover, b&w interior illustrations
ages 9 to adult
English only
ISBN: 088899916X

Thumb and his best friend Susan are certain that mysteries and drama can't be restricted to the movies. They are determined to discover their own resident Bad Guys in their town, even if it is a sleepy little British Columbia village, accessible only by boat and seaplane. Like good detectives, they start out with a stakeout, afraid that they only thing they'll catch is a good night's sleep. But their boredom is shaken up by a suspicious character going about suspicious pursuits in the dark woods. And then there is the new teacher in their tiny school: why does she have fake hair and a huge caking of makeup? What is she hiding? Another hilarious adventure by the writer of the winning "The Thumb in the Box", and "Thumb on a Diamond", also illustrated by Leanne Franson.

Cover: colored acrylic inks/ india ink; Interiors: india ink and ink washes

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