Jason et la tortue des bois

© January 2011 text: Françoise De Luca; illustrations: Leanne Franson
Soulières Éditeur
64 pages, softcover 4¼" x 7"
ages 6+ Easy-to-read
French only
ISBN : 978-2-89607-128-9

Jason is quite happy living with his mother. He loves life and life loves Jason. But then one day his mama makes a friend, Anna, who becomes first a friend of Jason, and then a rival for his mom's attentions. A touching tale about a little boy and his feelings, both positive and negative, and how they impact his mother's private life. And of course there is a Wood Turtle (Tortue des bois).

Cover: colored acrylic inks; Interior illustrations: digital inking with india ink washes

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