Fur and Freckles Pet Portraits

I am now offering custom portraits of your pets, with or without their human family. I will work from your reference photos* to portray your pet in black and white with the colour background of your choice as seen in these samples. The artwork will be rendered digitally in Corel Painter with the Real 2B Pencil and Soft Pastel brushes.

I will deliver a high resolution digital file, approximately 8x10 or 9x12 inches, at 300dpi resolution. This file is for unlimited printing by you personally, not for commercial use. You may use the image to print out on the paper of your choice, items such as mugs, tshirts and canvas bags, as well as use on your website and social media, as long as it is not for commercial use.

If you have a beloved photo of your pet, but don't like the background, I can use other reference photos of your choice for the background. Since I am drawing, I can also remove unwanted items in your photo, and also meld several photos together: a great pose but eyes closed? Provide another photo of a similar pose with eyes open.

Want to add a second pet? The first pet in an image is $125**. I will add a second pet for $50. They do not need to be in the same photo, though they should be in poses that will fit together well. I can also add in a person, child or adult, for an additional $50 for a face, or $100 for a full body.

Please contact me by email to discuss your request.

*You must have legal copyright of the reference photos you provide.
**In Saskatchewan, PST and GST will apply. In the rest of Canada, GST will apply

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