Les pierres d'Emma

© 2013 text: Anne Renaud illustrations: Leanne Franson
Éditions Dominique & Compagnie-Héritage
24 pages, full color softcover, 9" x 9"
ages 4-10
English version: Emma's Gems, 2019 by Peanut Butter Press
ISBN 2-89686-053-3

On a grumpy day, Emma's grandfather takes her out in the neighborhood, and mysteriously moves stones from one pocket to the other after executing kind deeds. Ever wanting to be just like her beloved Grandpa, Emma begins her own daily ritual of acts of kindness towards others, animals and the environment, starting with her cat's litter, and her little brother.

enlarged detail
Cover and interior illustrations: Digital inks and colored pencil, with acrylic ink washes.

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