La Curieuse Invasion de Picots-les-Bains par les Zèbres

© 2002 text: Raymond Plante illustrations: Leanne Franson
Les éditions de la courte échelle
24 pages, full color softcover, 8 ½" x 8 ½"
ages 4-8
French only
ISBN-10: 2890215970
ISBN-13: 978-2890215979

At the end of winter a small boy in a small town sees a zebra eating the last crusts of snow. When he tells his mom, she disbelieves him... A curious transformation hits every adult who accuses the children of the town of lying, tall tales, practical jokes and telling stories until the town is overrun with zebras!
This book in its entirety, including all illustrations, can be found within the collection Il était une fois: 12 histoires à raconter

Out of Print October 2010

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Il était une fois la curieuse Invasion...